Tsubaki Oil & Thermal Heat Cap Bundle


The Magic of Thermal Tsubaki Treatments

A Thermal Heat treatment with Tsubaki oil is hands-down our favourite hair treatment.

The incredibly transforming outcomes that you get from this combination are close to hair magic.

We love the incredibly soft, shiny results and the lovely movement our hair has post-treatment.


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Thermal Tsubaki bundles include:

  • a reuseable thermal cap
  • one shower cap (to line your thermal cap)
  • Tsubaki oil 40ml

Thermal Tsubaki oil treatments will:

  • Deeply hydrate and restore softness and natural shine
  • Strengthen and repair damaged hair
  • Ease dry scalp and itchiness
  • Leave your hair softer, stronger, and shinier

A thermal cap adds heat, which gently lifts the cuticles of your hair allowing your oil treatment to penetrate the hair, deeply nourishing and restoring the condition of your hair and elevating your outcomes to transformative.

Tsubaki is a lightweight pure plant oil extracted from the Camellia flowers on the Japanese island of Oshima. It is non-sticky, odourless and has an incredibly high level of Oleic acid, which is easily absorbed by skin and hair, leaving immediately softer, shinier outcomes.

Tsubaki oil thermal treatments optimise the benefits of your Tsubaki oil treatment and will strengthen, soften and hydrate while adding a lustrous shine to your locks.

We recommend weekly or bi-weekly Thermal Tsubaki treatments in the weeks before and after a bleach wash process. Weekly treatments are suggested for anyone who colours their hair regularly, or who has damaged, fragile hair.

Thermal Tsubaki treaments are also helpful to support hair growth as the gentle heat at the scalp boosts blood flow to the scalp, which can support hair growth.

Using your Thermal Tsubaki treatment:

Hair which is fine or thin will need less oil, so try just ten drops or so patted throughout your hair. Curlier hair will absorb more oil so start with about 20 drops.

Pat your Tsubaki oil through either wet or dry hair. Pop on the reusable plastic cap (which is provided with your Thermal Heat Cap) .

Heat your cap with 3 x 45 second intervals in the microwave. Flip and lightly shake your cap between heating intervals. Pop your shower cap (provided with your cap) on first, and then pop your heated Thermal Heat cap on top.

Double-shampoo to wash it out, condition as usual and enjoy the beautiful, transformative effects of your Thermal Tsubaki treatment.

Your thermal cap is reuseable, and you only need to use a few drops of Tsubaki oil with each treatment so one bottle will last you many months and treatments.