Developer 75ml


Our developer is specially formulated to activate our permanent colour cream and is blended with Limanthes Albra Seed oil.

Limanthes Alba Seed Oil is used in hair and cosmetics products due to its moisturising properties and ability to hydrate and rejuvenate skin. It is a stable oil which is suitable for use on sensitive skin.

We use a 20 vol developer which can achieve colour changes up to two colour levels.

Developer lifts and opens the cuticle layer of the hair enough for the colour pigments in the colour cream to enter and penetrate the hair shaft, leaving a permanent, long-lasting colour result.

Our developer can also be used as a pre-softening treatment to achieve 100% colour coverage on even the most stubborn, colour-resistant greys.

Our developer is pre-measured in sachets at the correct ratio to activate a single tube of our permanent colour cream.


Pre-softening is a salon technique which involves applying developer (and then removing it) before applying the colour mixture. Colour-resistant greys typically have a tougher, coarser, more tightly packed external cuticle layer, which is difficult for the colour pigments to penetrate. Pre-softening literally softens the tougher grey hair cuticles, raising the cuticle slightly so that the colour pigments can enter and be permanently deposited in the hair shaft.

Pre-softening Instructions:

  1. Use one sachet of developer only for pre-softening
  2. Open developer sachet into mixing bowl
  3. Apply developer directly to your stubborn greys using the tint brush. Use your hair dryer to apply a little heat for about a minute to activate the developer, and allow the developer to process for 15 minutes.
  4. Blot developer off with a damp towel (or rinse out and dry off hair).
  5. Apply colour mixture as usual, adding extra colour to the areas of regrowth, leaving the colour in for 45 minutes, before rinsing, shampooing and conditioning hair.

Please use the additional developer sachet only for pre-softening. Our developer sachets have been precisely measured to activate the colour at the correct ratio, and a full sachet of developer is required to correctly activate one colour tube.

Ingredients: Aqua, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil, Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone, Oxyquinoline Sulfate, Pentasodium Pentetate, Phosphoric Acid, Etidronic Acid, Tetrasodium EDTA, Parfum.

  • Alina C

    Love the packaging and delivery. Fantastic concept. a couple of things I'm not keen on, difficult to contact someone - a chat box would be ideal. Doesn't cover greys or my roots very well. And I can't find how to pause or cancel my subscription. I hate that.

  • Frances C

    Best home colour I've ever used,and completely covered my greys 😊

  • Sonja G

    Having an allergy to hair dyes I’ve been so relieved to finally find a product without PPD available in Australia. With the extra developer pack it covers the greys, phew!

  • Cheryl G

    It's not the best product.

  • Laura B

    Love this product, been using for over 12mths now, my hair looks and feels great. No longer dry and brittle and saving me a stack of $$ and several hours at the hairdressers. Highly recommend and won't use anything else 😊

  • Kathleen R

    Love love love . Left my hair the colour that I wanted and so soft . Can’t wait for my next box. Felt like I just walked out of the hair salon. Highly recommend

  • Annette F

    Amazing product. Easy to use, no irritation to my scalp and no awful smell. My hair was so soft after colouring. Colour choice was easy with the shade selector.

  • Audrey G

    For some reason my Shade colour Was a lot darker this time.... my hair was blondish and it turned out quite a dark brown. This has never happened before. Might have to try light ash blonde instead.

  • Jodi H

    I have tried several colours and my fave is the dark browns, the latest one I used siena

  • Belinda G

    Seriously folks, stop wasting your time & money either going to the salon or buying cheap dye kits from the supermarket that just leave you with substandard results. As soon as I look in the mirror & see regrowth, my "The Shade" box arrives in my letterbox. The results are nothing short of outstanding & I don't even have to leave my house!

  • Rechelle M

    I absolutely love your products. The colour is amazing and It's so simple to use. I often colour my own hair and I don't have any issues. My only wish is that the colour removal sheet would either be larger or more than one would be supplied. I would be happy to pay a little extra for it also. Otherwise, your product is amazing. Highly recommend it.

  • Nina J

    I love that The Shade helps you identify the exact colour for your hair and your colouring needs. I love that I can rely on The Shade to deliver my colour every month without fail. And, I love the way the colour leaves my hair feeling nourished and glossy. Very happy!!

  • Kay B

    Great quality products! Every time I dye my hair it is easy to apply, smells amazing and my hair comes out brightly coloured and shiny. I switched from drug store hair dye six months ago and my hair has never felt healthier. I use their auburn shade which lasts six weeks and is still vibrant when I reapply. Having the little box delivered every month makes it so easy to maintain my colour, as I remember to do it and don’t have to stress about finding the same shade I used last time which is super convenient! Their packaging has become more plastic free over the last couple of months which is great. When you order your first box they send you a reusable mixing bowl, application brush, clips, clothes protector and a little protector for your table which come in a drawstring pouch. It makes it super easy to protect your clothes from the dye and apply it properly. I am trying to be more eco conscious so having tools that I reuse every time is great. 10/10 would recommend!

  • Madeline M

    Package arrived quickly and was grateful for the packaging that was as sustainable as possible. Usually I use the at home foam dyes but this paint on dye really was easy. I focused on the roots and then slathered it all together for the mids-ends. It actually smelt nice and I wasn't inhaling chemicals as I did it. Next - the shampoo and conditioner! Unexpectedly great - my hair has never smelt so good for so long after washing. Usually with at home dyes my hair feels kinda yuck for a week or so after, like it's got an extra layer on top, but after using The Shade my hair felt natural, smooth and soft. Finally, I was happy with the colour - just a nice all over brown that wasn't stark. No complaints! I will be continuing with subscription but probably won't need all over colour. Would be great if you could do a half pack for root touch ups. Thanks!

  • Jo S

    Nice colour but left my hair pretty rough. Also the smell of the conditioner was a bit overwhelming.

  • Jess A

    This left my hair so smooth and I have the most craziest curly hair. I would totally recommend this to anyone and I look forward to the subscription.

  • Lucinda C

    I love that I don’t have to go shopping to spontaneously dye my hair. The dye arrives whenever I want and I’ve just bought the shampoo and conditioner also because they make my hair lovely and not so frizzy!

  • Nicole L

    I was slightly dubious, but desperate during lockdown in Victoria. So I tried The Shade. Choosing the colour was easy, although I did have a rough idea from my hairdresser what I was looking for. And the application is easy and it looks great. Even my hairdresser couldn’t believe I did it myself. If you just need roots covered or an all over colour, this product is amazing. I love it and always keep a spare for emergencies now. And have cut my colouring costs significantly. Bonus.

  • Nicole S

    This Company has been great, everything that say is true. Its the first time that i can colour with no excessive itching to the scalp and i didn’t have to rely on anti histamines. The colour is style shiny and strong. Im very happy with the results.

  • Gunda B

    love my colour, I never got so many compliments, total strangers comment about my hair colour almost every day