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What’s The Difference Between Semi-Permanent and Permanent Colour?

Let’s explore what semi-permanent and permanent colour is, to better understand which will work best for your colour needs.

What is Semi-Permanent Hair Colour?

Semi-permanent hair colour, adds shine and refreshes or changes tone without lightening or darkening your hair.

Semi-permanent colour will

  • refresh your colour in between permanent colour applications
  • boost, refresh or balance the tone of your hair
  • add new or brighter tones at your existing colour level
  • temporarily add depth to your colour

Semi’s won’t

  • provide full grey coverage
  • lighten your base colour

Semi’s add colour to the surface of your hair but don’t permanently change hair colour or structure. Semi-permanent colour is blended with our gentle 5 vol developer and will last 6-12 washes, depending on the porosity of your hair.

They are a great option to refresh or balance faded tones, adding a boost of shine, or for short-term colour changes —like if you’re considering trying one of our gorgeous red hair glosses, Palermo or Portofino.

What is Permanent Hair Colour?

Permanent hair colour is activated by a developer which will penetrate the hair cuticle and permanently change its colour.

They can

  • lift and lighten your natural colour level
  • penetrate and permanently cover greys
  • deposit colour to darken your colour
  • change the tone of your hair

They can’t

  • be washed out
  • lift pre-existing permanent colour pigments
  • and should only be used for those who are absolutely sure about their hair colour change and want something that is going to last indefinitely until of course, they need their roots touched up.

Permanent colour blends with a developer which is strong enough to permanently change the hair colour.

We offer two developer options for permanent colour change – 20 vol developer which is the industry standard to achieve permanent colour coverage, or a 27 vol developer which is helpful to provide more lift than 20 vol, and to cover colour-resistant greys.

The blend of colour and developer will lift the outer cuticle layer of the hair, allowing the colour to enter the hair and be permanently deposited within the hair. Permanent colours provide the best and longest-lasting grey coverage.

Every one of our colours can be blended with a developer which will leave either a permanent or semi-permanent colour finish.

Our multi-dimensional formulas are free of ammonia and designed to bring out your hair’s natural radiance, letting your gold, copper, mahogany, or ash tones shine. Unlike traditional permanent hair color, our colour range does not include PPD, ammonia, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS, and titanium dioxide. Our colours also include natural, nourishing ingredients including aloe vera, argan oil and ginseng root that helps your hair stay healthy-looking. Win-win!

From a semi-temporary colour to long-lasting permanent dye, The Shade has gorgeous, easy-to-use hair colour solutions to get you—and your hair—looking and feeling your best. Happy colouring!

I am sooo happy! The Shade is so easy to use, the results look like they were done by a professional, it doesn’t make my scalp itchy or dry and my hair always feels shiny and soft afterwards!

Carolina Briscoe

I am tired of spending a fortune on salon charges. I am so pleased with the results. I feel like I have just stepped out of the salon. My hair is a lovely natural colour and has been left so soft and shiny. I can’t recommend enough.

Sandra Firth

The Ash Brown has left my hair without the ghastly red tone, soft and manageable a month on. Thanks for fast delivery and quality product.

Maxine Cross

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