Silk Noil Hair Towel


The incredibly soft Silk Noil Hair Towel made from pure silk fibres will condition, soften and detangle your hair while it dries. Silk noil jersey is a minimally processed 100% pure silk knit with natural stretch and a nubbly texture which is better able to absorb water than flat, shiny mulberry silk fabrics.

Regular high-absorbency cotton or microfibre hair towels absorb and strip the natural oils from the hair, leaving your hair over-dried and frizzy. Silk will only wick away excess water, leaving the natural oils to remain.

Silk contains a natural bioactive protein called sericin which helps moisture retention in the skin and hair. Your dried hair will be glossy, stronger, smooth, soft and well-nourished.

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Your Silk Noil Hair Towel will:

  1.  Improve the condition of your hair:  Silk is rich in 18 amino acids which support hair health, shine and condition. Silk also contains a high percentage of sericin, a natural silk protein which improves the moisture levels of skin and hair.
  2.  Prevent tangling and breakage and reduces frizz: Silk fibres are smooth and flat and glide with your hair and will stop your hair from breaking and tangling while it dries. Our Silk Noil Towel reduces friction and leaves your hair soft, smooth, frizz-free, more manageable and shiny.
  3.  Balancing moisture in your hair and scalp: The amino acids and fine fibre structure of silk encourages your natural hair oils to disperse along the length of the hair, reducing the moisture imbalance seen when the roots are oily and the tips are dry and preventing dryness. Cotton and microfibre towels wicks moisture including natural hair oils, drying the water and oil in your hair, which can leave it over-dried and frizzy. Silk retain the oils in your hair and the sericin conditions and moisturises your hair and skin while it dries. Your hair will be soft, shiny and well-nourished.
  4. Protect your wet hair: Hair is at its weakest when wet. Silk protects, softens and conditions your hair while protecting it when it is wet and weak. Silk is light, compact and naturally anti-microbial.
  5. Environmental: Unlike microfibre hair towels, our 100% pure silk noil towel does not shed microfibres which end up in the ocean with each and every wash.

Use: Our silk noil hair towel is best used on damp, not dripping wet hair. Pat your hair quickly with your regular towel before leaning forward, placing the back of the towel (the end with the button) at the back of your head. Wrap and twist your hair into the towel, and fold the towel back to attach the elasticised tie to the button at the back of your head. For best results, leave your Silk Noil Hair Towel on for at least 20 minutes.

Care: Hand-wash and air dry as needed.

The Details:

  • 100% Silk (noil jersey)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Elastic loop band to secure twisted section
  • One Size Fits All (When towel is flat it measures approximately 35 x 85cm)
  • Francesca C

    I will save thousands of dollars. I got 6.1 light ash brown and so many compliments ....freedom from hours of my time sitting in hair salons and no hair breakage . What a brilliant idea THE SHADE !! As women we already pay more just for a hair cut but THE SHADE has made it all possible : bargain and shiny smooth frizz-free hair plus natural brass-free hair colour. I cannot thank you enough.

  • Olivia C

    This colour service is a game changer. Going from blonde to copper and I can now do my hair at home. Feels so good to save money and time and have control of the outcome. After a few disappointing visits to my hairdresser and parting with $350 for each appointment, I was really looking for a change. The quality of the colour itself and the unbelievable service and education you get speaking to the support team is really outstanding. I love how my hair looks and feels and I have The Shade to thank for this!

  • Jaz A

    I got the silk noil hair towel and tsubaki oil. Which transformed my hair, I have bleached curls which takes a lot of maintenance. These products helped make my hair routine so much easier. Left my hair extremely soft, shiny and bouncy.

  • Irene L

    I have enjoyed my shade colour. I am orry I can no longer purchase the shade colour, as my health has declined and I can't colour my hair. Please stop sending me the shade hair colour. Irene Lister

  • Nicole S

    Absolutely love this product. It doesn't smell bad, there is no irritation to my scalp and I love the colors I have tried so far. Best of all, the price is outstanding. Will continue to use The Shade.

  • Caroline L

    So impressed with the colour ! I received advice from one of your consultants and the match was perfect. Saved me hours in the salon and had no scalp irritation at all for the first time with any hair colour.

  • Jennette S

    I recently used The Shade to color my hair. As I am 70 yers old and I am grey I wondered how this more gentle product would go. WONDERFULLY, I love it. Previously I used the more natural, less chemical loaded, hair products as well but some did still sting a little. The Shade did not sting at all. And had absolutely no yucky odour. The coor takes well and the greys are covered nicely. I am nearly a week past the day I put the color in and my hair is silky and shiny. The idea of adding a pre-clor to help the greys take up the color shows a good understanding of the needs of us older generations who still want to keep our hair colored. Thank you to the tea at The Shade

  • Katherine O

    The Shade has been an amazing asset to my hair colouring routine. I have coloured my hair at home for many, many years (I can't afford or justify going to a hairdresser) using store bought hair colourant with their overpowering smells and horrible ingredients. The biggest challenge I had though was the fact that my toughest greys either didn't colour at all or faded all too quickly. Enter The Shade which has overcome both of these concerns. I also find I can go longer between colouring.

  • Fi M

    Finally an at home hair colour that looks like a professional has done it. I have always had trouble covering greys and the blonde colour always going orange. My scalp felt good and didn’t sting during colouring and it had no chemical smell. It was easy and I love the colour. I’m your new devotee!! Thanks and I love it.

  • Julie A

    I was happy with product, but disappointed that I was offered the bowl and vape brush as a gift And did not receive it, should not offer a free product

  • Lisa P

    Fantastic product, I’ve finally found a dye which completely covered my greys, everyone of them..

  • Tali B

    I am so grateful I found out about "The Shade" when I did. In conversation with my cousin one day. She said I have to try it out. So I did my research and also on her recommendation, tried it. I've now been a loyal customer for almost two years now. The colour is absolutely perfect everytime, its enough for my super long hair and I can touch up my greys anytime I want. I am now saving literally hundreds per year from not having to see the hair dresser, I will only go once in a blue moon for a cut. I highly highly recommend this product. My hair is so healthy, its easy to do at home, you get the at home die kit when you first purchase and its literally all you need. Just grab a glass of wine and its an 'at home pamper sesh!' Love Love Love The Shade!! best thing thats happened to hair

  • Shelley T

    Conveniently delivered to my door making refreshing my colour easy. Saving both time and money if I was going to a salon. There's no way I look 50.

  • Lisa H

    Absolutely love your product. I'm a nurse and quite busy working many different shifts. Love the idea of not spending 3 to 4 hrs in a hairdressers waiting. My time is valuable and don't have time for this. Love the product...l can get a saloon result without the time and expense of going to a hairdresser. So easy to use...l am very happy with the product.

  • Sofie S

    I haven't been able to colour my hair for over 3 years, as normal hair colour irritates my scalp. But the Shade colour doesn't irritate I'm so happy thank you

  • Julie R

    Easy to use, doesn't irritate my scalp

  • Corrine N

    Corrine, Cape York Products awesome, no harmful, toxic chemicals. Been with The shade for 2 years and have no complaints. 👍

  • Mikaela H

    Dye is quality, better colours than at-home colour kits sold in stores. The subscription service is convenient and works for my busy life. I really like the shampoo that comes as part of the kit. The accessories and extras in the kit (barrier oil and colour remover wipes) that they include help to make the outcome closer to salon quality job.

  • Jodie W

    Great product, excellent choice of colours & easy to use. Highly recommend

  • claudette B

    Exceptionally good product, does what it says. cannot go wrong with colourist advice and guidance.