Custom colour, with endless


Blend two colours together for customized hair colour

So many reasons to love
Duo custom colours

  • Blend colour and tone to create a gorgeous colour you’ll love
  • Professional colourists can customize a custom colour blend to meet your hair goals
  • Add half-strength cool or warm tones for a richer, warmer, softer, creamier, or deeper colour outcome
  • If you are colouring to cover greys and you like to see a warmth in your colour, blend a warm colour with a neutral, for an even, consistent result colour tone from roots to ends.
  • If you are lightening and covering highlights, a cool + neutral blend will lift and fill missing pigments

Gentle, no-itch formula
suitable for sensitive skin

Get the Colour you need

Free from Ammonia

Free from PPD

Free from Parabens and Phthalates

With Argan Oil

to deeply nourish, strengthen, repair and moisturise

With Aloe Vera

to soothe the scalp and reduce itchiness and hair breakage

With Ginseng root extract

Promotes hair growth and can help to reduce hair loss

Salon-grade, no-itch colour

No Ammonia, PPD, Parabens and Phthalates
Colouring accessories provided
Save time & money
Cruelty-free & vegan

Prices start from $35.95 delivered

If you have less than shoulder length hair, use half a tube of each colour with one developer for a custom colour blend. Also included are 2 x Colour Protection shampoos and conditioners, gloves, colour remover wipes, barrier oil, which gives you everything you need for two separate colour applications. 

If you have long and/or thick hair, mix the entire two tubes with both sachets of developer.

Jenny I

I wouldn’t use any other product than the Shade. everthing about it leads to a positive experience.From the easy to use website, excellent customer service, flexibility in delivery schedules that never ties you down and, most importantly, to the amazing product. The website assists tremendously to colour choice and you have to option to chat with a colour consultant if you wish.The product application instruction are well explained.There are no nasty chemical smells that you get with other brands and there are smell sachets of a product that helps prevent any colour remaining on your skin.The shampoo and conditioner are fabulous and I have purchased full sized bottles of each of these to use regularly.

Kerri H

Thanks to the Shade Colourist service I am now sporting a beautiful natural looking head of hair. Camilla suggested a duo of lucca Chocolate Blonde 7.53 and Torino Golden Blonde 8.3 for my dark brown hair. The duo of colors was easy to prepare and apply and the shampoo and conditioner lovely to use. My greys are gone and the three month old bleached out highlights are now blending in with my base colour while still maintaining a lighter tone. Overall I am very happy with the results and would recommend the shade to any nervous first timers!

Elizabeth B

This product is of the highest quality the colour, the developer, the shampoo, and conditioner. The result I have achieved at home is the best I have ever had and better than the salon. The product is so easy to use. The colour selection is amazing backed up by excellent customer support who answered every question and offered excellent advice. I have been using it for over 2 yrs and the colour I have is closest to my natural colour. It makes me fell like me a again

Fiona W

Having never done my hair at home before and hair at home before and having read such good things about the Shade, I decided to take the plunge.Honestly, it hyas been the best thing I have done for my hair! Not only can I do it at home and save hours in the salon, the price is incredible! Great value, great product & easy to do. Brilliant customer service too! I spoke to one of the hair stylist first to ensure I got the right colour, her advice was perfect! The colour was awesome and exactly what i wanted. Love the Shade and have already recommended to several of my friends. Thank you!

Lisa G

Excellent website, great kit and instruction and amazing results. Already recommended to a friend who has also purchased! Thank you life savers!!

Leianne P

Fabulous product and fabulous service! I am thrilled with the Shade and even my hairdresser approves. The subscription option is super convenient and my duo colour is perfect also it leaves my hair feeling beautifully healthy. Could not be happier with the Shade!