Bleach Wash Kit


Bleach Wash Kit now available!

Our Bleach Wash kits include everything you need to bleach wash at home and lift out colour build-up, unwanted colour or lighten your base colour, including:

  • Hi Lift bleach powder
  • Developer
  • Colour Protection Shampoo
  • Colour Protection Conditioner
  • Gloves
  • Detailed instructions


  • Manal W

    The whole experience was great. As a first time buyer, they provided me with everything I needed . It was so professional and I was extremely impressed with the amount of thought put into the whole package, not to mention the colour itself was a perfect match for my hair and hasn’t faded.

  • Maryjane M

    Excellent service and a first class product! I had everything I needed to colour my greying hair simply and effectively. The colour (Dark Blonde) was glorious, shiny and multi-dimensional! A wonderful lock-down life saver!

  • Emma B

    Thankyou for curing my lockdown mane! I have a lot of hair, thick & long so needed extra colouring creme for full coverage. Really happy with my first attempt, some skill required for the back though. Love the Golden Copper Blonde that highlights my natural red & covers my greys 👏 💫

  • Kirstie P

    I dyed my hair two weeks ago now but I was ready to write a review before I had even put the stuff on my hair to be fair. It’s beautifully package, everything in the first package is amazing value for money & smells amazing. After 2 weeks the colour has stuck (even hairdresser colours seem to fade off my hair after 2 weeks) & I love how the colour has settled in. I definitely think I’ll be subscribed for a while to come!

  • Brenda R

    Now that I have coloured my hair I feel I could go for a shade deeper than 7. Not 6 but a shade deeper. Any suggestions?

  • Anna K

    Love The Shade and my colour.! The team were incredible in helping to find the right colour and I love how it covers my greys well. I have now applied it twice. The first time was daunting and I missed a few spots but the second time was easier. I will only get better each time. Can’t recommend The Shade enough. Don’t wait to try them for yourself!

  • Melissa W

    Wow I’m really happy with how my hair looks and it feels amazing! Great colour!

  • Katie M

    Great quality and so easy to use!

  • Dena G

    Good quality product which is easy to apply. Colour was more reddish than the photos but overall very happy customer 😊 will definitely keep using your product. Love the conditioner and it smells so nice, wished the shampoo had a similar smell.

  • Katie F

    I could not hope for a better outcome could; I was worried about the colour being in a block but it worked beautifully with highlights throughout. It is liberating to have the option of hair colour at home and especially convenient during lockdown.

  • Bernardine P

    I have been using the shade for more than a year now. I am very pleased with my colouring.It blends in with my natural hair colour and covers 100% of my grey hair.The colour lasts for more than five weeks.I stopped making appointments with my hairdresser since the shade came along.

  • Karen V

    I have coarse hair with 70-80% grey. My daughter sent this to me whilst in lockdown. I’m really happy with the colour and it’s actually lasted for weeks! Normally with ‘supermarket colour’ I’m lucky if it lasts 2 -3 washes. Very happy

  • Marie L

    A must for anyone who colors their hair,the shade leaves you with soft ever so shiny hair it never drips making application easy to apply, i love it.

  • Robyn A

    I've been coloring my own hair at home for some time although I have never been completely happy with the colour choice available. Now that I have discovered The Shade and their wonderful colour range I am super happy with my results.

  • Kerri H

    You will have to take my word for it as I have no before photos, but thanks to The Shade Colourist service I am now sporting a beautiful natural looking head of hair. Camilla suggested a duo of Lucca Chocolate Blonde 7.53 and Torino Golden Blonde 8.3 for my dark brown hair. The duo of colours was easy to prepare and apply and the shampoo and conditioner lovely to use. My greys are gone and the three month old bleached out highlights are now blending in with my base colour while still maintaining a lighter tone. Overall I am very happy with the results and would recommend The Shade to any nervous first timers!

  • Debbie M

    Excellent product. Easy to use and extremely happy with the result.

  • Irene L

    I like the colour of my hair now. It looks very natural.

  • Leesa L

    So loving "The Shade" - I was a little dubious at first having had some hair colouring disasters in the past but I'm so glad I tried this! My hair has so much red in it that home colouring can be dangerous - but The Shade stayed relatively true to the colour chart. It was a little red after I first coloured, but that's faded now to a gorgeous shade that people say looks better than the professional colours I was getting! I also found that this colour didn't make my scalp itchy like others have. This is a quality product at a great price - will keep buying for sure!

  • Stephanie M

    I love the shade. I get a better result colouring my stubborn greys then I get in the salon. I am a busy working mum of two and this product allows me to fit the process into my schedule. I will keep using the product even after lockdown.

  • Roslyn L

    What a fabulous product and service, my shade was chosen by my helpful consultant, order placed and on my hair within days, lasting better than my hairdressers colour too. Thanks The Shade.