Hair which is damaged, brittle and broken does not look good, feel good or respond well to colouring.

It is much easier to damage hair and it is to repair damage, so prevention is definitely better than cure.

Lightening processes inflict the most damage to hair. We recommend no more than 2 lightening processes a year. It is in the interests of your hair to colour within a range of 0-2/3 levels from your natural colour.

That means:

Adding colour which is the same/similar as your natural colour:

Using a colour that is the same level as your natural colour will help you to boost your colour and cover greys. Colouring doesn’t have to be high drama. More often than not your natural colour suits yours complexion, so keep your choices closer to your natural colour.

Colouring can be useful if you have thin or fine hair, as it will boost your hairs texture as well as colour.

Colouring within 2 levels of your natural colour:

Selecting a colour which is within 2 levels of your natural colour will give you a colour refresh and boost. Lightening processes are needed for more significant lightening, and they will damage your hair.

Our 20vol developer can lift natural, uncoloured hair by 2 levels, or deposit colour to add depth.

Colour changes between 2-4 colour levels:

You will require a lightening process, such as a bleach wash, if you are looking to lighten your hair by more than two colour levels.

Pre and Post Lightening Care:

It is important to boost and protect the condition of your hair before and after a lightening process, as all lightening processes will dehydrate and weaken your hair.

We recommend thermal Tsubaki oil treatments in the weeks before and after a bleach wash process, to boost the condition, hydration, strength, shine and softness of your hair.

Two thermal Tsubaki oil treatments a week for 1-2 weeks before your lightening process and for 2-4 weeks after a bleach wash will restore hydration and condition to your hair and counter-balance the drying effects of a lightening process.

It can also be helpful to wash your hair less after a bleach wash, to let the natural oils accumulate, as they help hydrate your hair and scalp.

If you lighten your colour any more than 4 colour levels, in particular if you repeat this several times, you could push your hair to its breaking point.

Not every hair transformation needs to be drastic. A beautiful, flattering colour, or a bit of grey coverage can keep you feeling energised, refreshed, polished, and give you many great hair days.

Use colour to enhance, or perhaps to conceal, but let’s let go of the idea that it is worth destroying your hair health for an idealised colour goal which would require you to sacrifice the health of your hair.

We are firm believers that you can have great colour and gorgeous, swishable, can’t-stop-touching-it hair. We also know that this means smart (possibly even sensible) colour selection and products without unnecessary harsh chemicals and as much hair TLC as possible in your products (such as100% pure Tsubaki oil).

Treat your hair with some love and respect, to build and nurture your best, healthiest and most beautiful hair ever.

I am an ex hairdresser and had iso regrowth and old foiled hair. My base is a dirty blonde around 8 level. I am so impressed with the colour I chose; 7.53. Covered brilliantly over my blonde and roots ( few cheeky greys in there). Colour is even throughout.


This is the third time I’ve coloured my hair with The Shade at home. The colour itself is so natural, it blends with my natural colour beautifully. The formula is amazing, it’s not harsh or drying and doesn’t damage my hair like other brands. My hair is now in better condition, no more breakage and its getting length back. I’m just sorry I didn’t get The Shade sooner!!

F. Methorst

Absolutely amazing! I coloured my whole hair using shade ‘Chocolate Blonde.’ I previously had damaged bleach blonde hair but after using this my hair has felt so amazing and looks better than ever.

A. Dahler

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