How much can you lighten your hair colour?

Good question! The answer depends on your natural colour, the developer you use and whether your hair has been previously coloured.

If your hair is natural, virgin, uncoloured, pure as the day you were born, then you can use our colour to lighten your hair by two colour levels.

That means a medium brunette is now a dark blonde, or a darkest brown is now a softer light brown.

Colour changes within 2 levels will look natural, and soft, with an easy richness and depth, and they are easy to maintain. Two level colour changes can add nuanced and reflect and undertone which can dispel flat single toned colours, giving you a multi-dimensional colour boost and adding lightness and brightness to your colour result. Colour changes within two levels are also a gentler process for your hair and these days we appreciate that great looking hair has not only a great colour, but is in great condition too.

The Shade’s permanent colours are free from PPD and ammonia and are blended with botanicals which have been selected to nourish and support hair and scalp health, leaving you with gorgeous salon colour with a big botanical health boost. Our colour is blended with Argan oil, Aloe Vera and Ginseng root extract which have properties which help to deeply enrich and enhance your hair and scalp health.

We use a 20 vol developer with our colour and this strength of developer can achieve colour level changes of two levels on natural hair colour. It can also darken your hair by two levels.

If your hair has previously been permanently coloured and your want to lighten your hair colour, then there’s a little bit more too it than popping in a lighter colour and getting your perfect, lighter hair goal colour result 30 minutes later.


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    • Hi! Thanks for getting in touch. You would need to check with your GP. We can’t provide medical advice, your doctor can do that, but our general approach is to avoid any unnecessary processes such as bleach washes if you’re pregnant. That is not medical advice, just our personal choice (we’re almost all parents here). Not sure how helpful that has been, but – Congratulations! Wishing you and your baby good health and much happiness!

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