Lightening Your Lovely Locks

How much can you lighten your hair colour (without damaging it irreparably)?

That depends on your natural colour, the developer you use and whether your hair has been previously coloured.

If your hair is uncoloured then you can use our colour to lighten your hair by two colour levels.

That means a medium brunette is now a dark blonde, or a dark brown is now a softer light brown.

Colour changes within 2 levels will look natural, and soft, and they are easy to maintain and can add nuance, reflect, lightness and brightness to your colour result.

We use a 20 vol developer with our colour and this strength of developer can achieve colour level changes of two levels on natural hair colour. It can also darken your hair by two levels.

Colour Cannot Lighten Colour

If you have colour in your hair and you want a lighter colour, bear in mind that a new lighter colour cannot lighten pre-existing darker colour pigments. You would need to do a lightening process such as a bleach wash to lift out the older colour pigments and to achieve a lighter base colour level.

Bleach washes can help you achieve 2-3 levels of colour change, or lift out older, darker colour pigments.

If you have colour in your hair and you just want to soften your colour by half a colour level, you can try washing your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo, which will lift out some colour pigments. This approach can soften your colour slightly, and can be helpful if you are looking to avoid a lightening process and you just want to soften your existing colour before recolouring with a softer colour.

We recommend that you talk to our colourists if you are considering lightening your colour.

If you do a bleach wash then it is critical to boost your hairs moisture and condition and to colour with a cool based colour to balance the warmth which is always revealed during lightening.

Our colourists can guide you and provide colour and care recommendations to help you achieve your colour goals, while keeping your hair healthy, hydrated and in its best possible condition.


Very happy with the end result. I used the bleach wash kit first to get rid of excess previous colour. Easy to use & my colour application was even & bright. Have had some compliments & someone not believing I did my colour at home.

H. McCredie

I changed from your normal supermarket dyes to The Shade as my hair was being ruined. After one purchase I was hooked on how full coverage, soft and shiny my hair was. I’ve used The Shade dye and bleaching kit to go lighter on my own with great success and without damage to my hair. For the price it’s definitely worth it and I love you can change the subscription with ease.

K. Good-O’Loughlin

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    • Hi! Thanks for getting in touch. You would need to check with your GP. We can’t provide medical advice, your doctor can do that, but our general approach is to avoid any unnecessary processes such as bleach washes if you’re pregnant. That is not medical advice, just our personal choice (we’re almost all parents here). Not sure how helpful that has been, but – Congratulations! Wishing you and your baby good health and much happiness!

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