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6 Tips to Help you Care for your Colour

You did it! You successfully achieved gorgeous colour results at home.

Now you just need to keep it looking it’s best.

Damaged hair can lead to darker colour results or faster colour fade. Damaged or porous hair can either over-absorb colour or leak colour. It won’t look its best or respond well to colour.

Prevent hair damage with our pro tips:

  • Heat will stress and damage hair and lead to increased porosity. The easiest ways to avoid heat are to avoid heated styling tools, and it can be helpful to reduce the temperature of your showers too. Heated styling tools such as straightening irons and hair dryers can directly damage your hair, so switch to cool or warm settings on your hair dryer only. Try turning the heat down in the shower and washing your hair in slightly warm or even cool water.
  • Keep a hat on when you’re in the sun – your skin and hair will benefit from avoiding direct sun exposure.
  • Use a colour-safe shampoo, ideally one which is free from sulfates and keep up regular conditioning with a high quality colour-friendly conditioner.
  • Weekly or fortnightly thermal Tsubaki oil treatments will transform the condition of your hair, boosting its strength, shine, condition and hydration.
  • Stay away from hair care or colour products with ammonia or alcohol, as both ingredients are quite harsh and will damage your hair. Hair sprays and mousse often contain alcohol, so check your ingredients and look for alcohol and ammonia free options.
  • Try the Colour Perfection colouring approach, where each section of the hair is covered once only with a permanent colour. Colour and tone is boosted in the lengths and ends with semi-permanent colour or toners only, which preserves the condition, strength and moisture within the hair.

With a few simple adjustments to your hair routines, you can avoid some of the main causes of hair damage and keep your locks and colour in fabulous shape.

Hands down, the best hair colouring system for home; professional and so good for my hair!! My hair has actually improved in condition. Health, shiny and natural looking colour. I wish if known about it sooner.

M. Di Gregorio

I love Tsubaki oil for my hair and face. It’s going to replace my La Mer cream.

K. Jones

After colouring my hair at home for over twenty years, this is by far the best colour I have come across. Covered my greys exceptionally well, left my hair feeling very healthy & absolutely loved the blonde colour.

J. Day

I absolutely love your company. It was super easy to use the products and the colour was perfect. I love that it doesn’t have a strong smell, my hair feels so healthy and the coverage was amazing!! You get everything in the kit that you need and don’t have to waste so much money, time in a salon!! I have told so many people about the shade as I truly think its amazing I just wish I found out about it longtime ago.😁

K. Koekemor

Extremely good product! My hair is healthy and I’m getting compliments on my hair and it’s shine! I love the fact that I’m using natural products on my hair and the colours are rich and long lasting! Couldn’t be happier!

S. Orr

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