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Please Explain – What is Nude Hair?

Nude hair is super flattering, easy to achieve and suits all complexions. It’s also low maintenance and easy to achieve at home.

Sounds great, but …. What is nude hair?

Nude hair is all about soft, natural neutral hair colours.

Neutral colours have an exact blend of cool and warm secondary tones. This tonal blend works for every complexion, and will give you a colour result right in the middle of the tone spectrum.

The key to the nude hair look is selecting a neutral tone in a soft, natural looking colour which boosts your original hair colour by depositing neutrally toned colour pigments. This will enhance your colour result and provide more depth, volume and shine to your hair.

Most popular blonde colours are at either end of the tone spectrum, and are either cool or warm.

That’s the beauty of nude hair – you don’t have to take on icy cool platinum blondes, or the buttery golden blondes together with the upkeep that goes into maintaining these colours.

What do I do with my nude hair?

Pair it with your nude make-up, of course, for an ultra-natural, refreshed and beautiful look.

Think the ‘No make-up make-up’ look, for hair.

We also love that the gentle, subtle colours of nude hair are easy to achieve through a gentler colouring process, which is faff-free and much kinder to your hairs health.

Such a high quality product, made it so easy and fun to use. Love the result too. A rich colour, and left my hair so soft.

K. Bowden

Tried out my first Shade Hair Colour, number 5. The result was wonderful. Great colour with surprising mix of colour in the sunlight and super soft super smooth hair. Love this product already. Have washed with my normal colour shampoo and conditioner since doing it and still soft and shiny. So impressed would recommend wholeheartedly. Thanks

S. Hedges

Seriously, the BEST hair dye I’ve EVER purchased in my life !!!! My hair is baby soft, smells like springtime flowers and looks shiny and incredible. I LOVE the shade so much I’ve already told my mum, sister and friends to drop what they are doing and buy the shade it’s changed the way l look at hair dye and for someone with extremely fine hair that is falling out I was really worried about using hair dye but WOW I’ll never use any other hair dye ever again …. THANK YOU so much for making such an amazing product !!!

S. Mattick

I had an online consult which included a photo of my hair … Maria suggested Sicily. It looked great and was easy to apply with the help of my partner who diligently applied the colour for me. The condition was great. The colour was close to what I would normally have at the salon with my hairdresser – I’d happily use the product out of lockdown as it is incredibly good value.

K. Brown

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