Please explain – What is Nude hair?

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Please explain – What is Nude hair?


We have done the cyber-stalking legwork and the scoop is: tis the season for Nude hair.

Nude hair is super flattering, easy to achieve, live with, love and maintain colour trend which perfectly flatters your hair and complexion. It’s also easily done at home too, upkeep is low, chic factor is sky high.

Nude hair is the low maintenance hair colour look which the high maintenance A-listers are loving.


Sounds great, but …. What is nude hair?

Like the name suggests, think less, not more. Nude hair is all about soft, natural hair colours, particularly natural mid-range blondes.

The key to the nude hair look is selecting a neutral tone in a soft, natural looking colour which boosts your original hair colour by depositing neutrally toned colour pigments for an overall enhanced colour result which also gives more depth, volume and shine to your hair.

Neutral colour tones contain perfectly balanced warm and cool toned pigments, giving you a colour result which is right in the middle of the tone spectrum, giving you the ultra-chic, perfectly flattering nude neutral colour result.

Most popular blonde colours are at either end of the tone spectrum, and are either cool or warm, and it is more unusual, fresh and flattering to see neutral blonde tones.

The neutral effect is the secret to a refreshed colour look, which works on all complexions.

That’s the beauty of nude hair – you don’t have to take on icy cool platinum blondes, or the buttery golden blondes together with the upkeep that goes into maintaining these colours.

Nude hair is much easier to maintain, as you don’t need to apply products to counteract warm or cool tones which can be seen when you lighten your hair.


What do I do with my nude hair?


Pair it with your nude make-up, of course, for an ultra-natural, refreshed and beautiful look.

Think the ‘No make-up make-up’ look, for hair.

We also love that the gentle, subtle colours of nude hair are easy to achieve through a gentler colouring process, which is faff-free and much kinder to your hairs health.


You will love the colour and condition of your nude hair because it looks ultra chic, is totally achievable and gives you an individualised, easy to wear natural beauty boost, while keeping you on top of one of the hottest hair trends of 2018.



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