What is Ash Hair Colour?

Ash tones are hot right now, and for quite a while yet we suspect. And why not? Ash tones are in demand, chic, super versatile, on trend and suit many complexions and colourings. To know Ash tones is to love them, and many of you do.

Let’s break down what Ash tones are, how they work with your natural colourings and what is so great about them.

What are Ash hair colour tones?

Ash tones are seen when pigments are blended with your hair colour which have a cool base. Ash is not an actual colour, instead it is a tone, a primary or secondary reflect which is blended in colour to add a cool, Ash tone to different colours. We have Light Brown, Dark Brown and several Blonde Ash colour blends. Ash blends always have a cool tone, from the predominantly Blue or sometimes slightly Green pigments that are blended with the colour. The overall colour effect is slightly matte, with a sleek silvery or smoky finish. They are not ‘vibrant’ or ‘bold’ – instead they have a subtle, soft, cool, silky finish.


Aha! Now we are really getting somewhere.

Ash tones are great not only for what they do – think a sexy, modern, matte, smoky finish, but they really knock it out of the park in terms of what they don’t do. Ash colour blends have underlying Blue/Green pigments which counter-act and neutralize the warm yellow or orange colour tones which can often be seen when you lighten your hair. If you don’t like seeing orangey, brass, gold or copper tones in your hair, then Ash is your friend who will slay warm tones, leaving you with an understated, on trend and smoking Ash finish.

Ash will tone correct as you colour, infusing your hair with smooth, glassy, muted Cool tones and banishing Warm reflect while doubling down on delivering a shiny, glossy finish.

Ash is particularly effective blended in lighter colours. Darker colours have more of a natural colour balance between Cool and Warm undertones, whereas lighter colours are more likely to throw a yellow/orange tone. The lightening process can reveal unwanted warm undertones, so Ash’s time to shine is in mid-to-light colour blends, where it gets busy neutralizing Warmth, and updating your cool Ash look.

Sounds good, but will it work for me?

Switching up your hair tone is a great way to update your look without changing your colour level.

Cool ash tones can work with almost all complexions, including cool, pale complexions but also olive complexions. Ash blondes work beautifully with pale, wintery skin, and they can also complement olive complexions as the contrast between the warmer skin tones and cooler hair tones can energise and flatter the complexion.

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