Travelling and Colouring

Travelling and Colouring

Travelling around the world is all well and good if you have super low maintenance hair or you colour just for kicks every 2-3 months. Pack sensibly, learn a few niceties in the local language and see you at Base Camp!

It’s a touch more fiddly if you are need to look slightly more high maintenance (read: need to look great and professionally groomed) while traveling and you’re colouring your hair because you don’t want to be seeing silver roots reflected back at you in your hotel mirror.

Here’s our plan for travelling to that convention/anniversary trip/bucket list adventure while staying on top of unwanted silvers:

1.Consider your departure schedule, and possibly fast-track your next colour delivery so that you have freshly coloured hair before you leave, which will buy you at least a few weeks of silver free hair gorgeousness.

2.You can adjust your Colour Kit delivery frequency anytime, super easily. Just log on to ‘My Account’. It may work best for your travel schedule to get your next shipment delivered a little early, simply go to My Account and click on “Send my next Colour Kit ASAP” so you leave with luscious locks, and then sync your arrival with your next delivery so you can take care of any pesky silver roots as soon as you return.

3.If you are travelling for several weeks and you need to colour while you’re away to banish the silvers, you can adjust your shipping schedule to ship your order early, before you leave. Our Colour Kits have been designed to be very slimline, handy for fitting in letterboxes and suitcases. You could take your tint brush with you, possibly your colouring cape and mat too, and use a disposable or washable plastic or ceramic bowl to mix and apply your colour while you are away. The brush is small enough to fit in your toiletries bag and is handy if you are looking to touch-up your roots whilst avoiding overlapping the colour which can lead to difficult to shift colour build-up. Depending on the length of your trip, it may suit you to fast-track one order, pack and take that Colour Kit with you, ensuring you maintain flawless colour where ever you may be.

We don’t ship internationally so stay a step ahead and on top of your colour game with a little forward planning and by adjusting your shipment deliveries to make sure you have the (very packable and highly gorgeous) colour you need where ever you may roam.

Get in touch if you need a hand and we can help rescedule your shipments.


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