Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Brunette Colour Rich and Fresh

Brunette colours are popular, beautiful, versatile and easy to live with and love. While they are easier to maintain than red or blonde colours, every brunette can benefit from a few colour boosting pro tips. These top ten tips from our hair colourists will help keep your brown brilliant, rich, and fresh as can be.


We have a better understanding of ingredients now than we did say, twenty years ago. There’s also been a lot of R & D in the colour sector resulting in new effective, stable ingredients which can deliver permanent, salon grade colour without unnecessary harsh chemicals.

Key ingredients to avoid are ammonia and PPD. Ammonia can irritate your eyes and nose with its harsh smell and is otherwise used in industrial cleaning products, so lets do better than that. Leading breast cancer researchers advise reducing or avoiding PPD exposure, so lets take their word for it.

The Shade’s colour range has been developed to deliver (literally) low chemical colour which delivers permanent, salon grade colour easily and affordably so women can save themselves time, money and exposure to chemicals.


Get ahead of process-worn locks with an intensive conditioning treatment such as our favourite thermal Tsubaki oil treatment. This will infuse your hair with the moisture it needs to strengthen your hair, minimize breakage and dullness and repair damage and also leave your hair beautifully soft and shiny.


Daily washing dulls hair colour. You can slow your fade by limiting washes and getting a good dry shampoo for the off days. Ours has panthenol and vitamin E, so it can cleanse hair without drying it out.


Whilst we can’t advocate the full James Bond cold shower routine (mainly because we cant hack it ourselves!) we can do a quick cold water rinse after conditioning, which helps seal the cuticle and preserve your colour.


Sad but true – chlorine can dry out your locks and alter your colour tone. This applies to blondes, but also to those with brunette hair. However, there is a work around, so don’t let that keep you from the pool! Avoid over-chlorination by wetting hair with tap water and adding just a tad of conditioner before you take a dip.


We love it, but the sun isn’t always the best friend to our skin and our colour, and it does cause colour fade. Throw on a hat or chic scarf to extend your colour and protect you from sun damage whenever you hit the great outdoors.


Avoid the duller, darker colour result that comes from applying fresh colour over previously coloured hair. Use the tint brush (provided in your Salon Set) to keep your brunette touch-ups strictly to regrowth, and avoid overlapping.


Ever noticed how colourists in salons double-shampoo when they wash your hair? That’s because they know that the first shampoo application lifts out most unwanted particles in the hair, but not all. It’s the second shampoo application which ensures that your hair really is left extra clean and soft, and this small change in routine can have a remarkably effective impact on your hair.


Try to reduce or avoid using heated styling tools as much as possible, Heat applied directly to your hair can make hair more porous, and that means it’s more difficult for the strands to retain colour. Use a heat protecting product before using heated tools to keep your locks safe from colour degrading hot tools.


The colouring process opens the hair follicle to deposit colour pigments, making your hair a little thicker and also prone to a little more dryness. As well as some of the tips mentioned above, which help keep your coloured hair nourished, moisturised and conditioned, it is best to stretch out your hair washes and skip a few wash days. This allows your natural oils to counter-act dryness, keeping your brunette hair looking bright, healthy and reducing the colour-fade the can happen with daily washing.

Couldn’t be simpler – some of these tips involve doing less, not more, so we’re not fighting gravity here! Remember – great colour these days is about avoiding the over-processed, ‘fried’ look, so you need great condition for your colour to look and feel its best.

Hope these handy hints have been helpful and wishing you many great hair days!

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