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Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Brunette Colour at its Best

Brunette colours are popular, beautiful, versatile and easy to live with and love. While they are easier to maintain than red or blonde colours, every brunette can benefit from a few colour boosting pro tips.

These ten tips from our hair colourists will help keep your brunette colour and condition beautiful.


There’s no need for nasty, harsh and old-fashioned ingredients in hair colour. There’s a new generation of ingredients which can deliver permanent, salon grade colour without unnecessary harsh chemicals.

The key ingredients to avoid in colour products are ammonia and PPD. Ammonia will dry and weaken your hair and can irritate your eyes and nose with its harsh smell. Ammonia used in industrial cleaning products and it shouldn’t be in your hair colour. Leading breast cancer researchers advise reducing or avoiding PPD exposure, so let’s take their word for it.

Our colour range is hypoallergenic and is free from ammonia, PPD, parabens and phthalates and is suitable for sensitive skin.


Get ahead of process-worn locks with an intensive conditioning treatment such as our favourite thermal Tsubaki oil treatment and Repair Mask. If the ends of your hair are fragile and prone to breakage, consider using our Split End Serum to rebuild and repair the ends of your hair, which are often the weakest part of the hair. These products will infuse your hair with the moisture it needs to strengthen your hair, minimize breakage and repair damage and also leave your hair beautifully soft and shiny. We recommend rotating botanically based hair treatments to maximise the exposure to a range of beneficial active botanicals, and the benefits to your hair.


Adding gentle heat to your oil or deep conditioning treatments with a thermal cap will allow the active ingredients to penetrate within the hair, maximising the benefits and outcomes. Applying some gentle heat with a thermal cap will soften and lift the outer cuticle of the hair, allowing the active ingredients to be fully absorbed. The effect can be quite transformational. Thermal caps are reuseable and can be used with any almost any hair treatment – we recommend pure, botanical based deep conditioning products.


Daily washing dulls hair colour. You can slow your fade by reducing washes which allows your natural oils to hydrate and strengthen your hair between washes.


If your brunette colour goal is a finish without any warmth in it at all, try a toner in between permanent colour applications. A toner is a cool-based colour blended with a no lift 5 vol developer. It will deposit cool tone and shine only, leaving a high-shine, super soft tonally balanced finish. We recommend selecting a toner which is a level lighter than the lightest colour in your hair and we have toners for all colour levels.

If you prefer richer, warmer tones in your hair, a golden or copper based semi-permanent colour will boost colour, tone and shine. Semi-permanent colours are also a great way to experiment commitment-free with copper, mahogany or golden tones. Select a 5 vol developer with any warm based colour to add semi-permanent warmer tones to your darker base.


Avoid the drying and tonal impacts of chlorine or salt water by wetting hair with tap water and adding conditioner before you take a dip, which can help protect your hair from the drying effects of salt or chlorine water.


We love it, but the sun isn’t always the best friend to our skin and our colour, and it does cause colour fade. Pop on a wide brim hat to extend your colour and protect you from sun damage.


Reduce processes by applying permanent colour to your roots only. Permanent colour will cover greys, so this approach is a great way to stay on top of regrowth and reduce processes in the lengths of your hair. Boost tone, colour and shine in your lengths with a toner or semi-permanent colour. That’s how we colour our hair. We call it Colour Perfection and it could just be the perfect colour approach for you too.


Consider lifting out older, darker pigments annually with a bleach wash. This is helpful if you have colour build-up or older, layered colour which leads to darker, duller colour results. If you have some built-up colour, or if you want to lighten your colour level by two colour levels and you have colour in your hair, a bleach wash will give you a lighter base colour and a fresh colour start.


Reduce or avoid using heated styling tools as much as possible. Lean into your natural texture. If you fight it you might just win the battle but lose the hair health and condition war. Repeately applying heat directly to your hair will make your hair more porous, and that means it’s more difficult for the strands to retain colour.

The Ash Brown has left my hair without the ghastly red tone; soft and manageable,a month on. Thanks for fast delivery and quality product. Also for all the information freely available on your site about the colours . This enabled me to choose the colour that gave the result desired.

M. Cross

I am incredibly impressed at the colour!! It is the ABSOLUTE perfect dark brown, not even my latest hair dresser could get right. The very reason why I have tried this. The home kit is like a mini-professional kit, with everything you need. I love this product. I highly recommend this product

T. Butler

The Shade kit had everything I needed for such an affordable price. I absolutely loved the shampoo and conditioner. My hair throws a lot of warm tones and I’m always apprehensive about trying at home colours but the cool dark brown colour did not disappoint. I’m very impressed with this product and will continue to purchase.

E. Kokkin

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