The Shade Launches With a Splash of Colour

//The Shade Launches With a Splash of Colour
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The Shade Launches With a Splash of Colour

It’s grey and overcast morning with a crisp wind in the air, but inside the doors of RAW Anthony Nader, the mood is warm and vibrant. Fresh flowers are scattered in minimal vases around the salon, and a beverage station serving fresh coffee, juice and bliss balls stands against the exposed brick wall. Hanging lamps cast a sunny glow over the room, and the oversized mirrors reflect a group of women excitedly talking.

Today is the launch of The Shade – Australia’s first hair colouring subscription service. Made in Italy and delivered to your doorstep, the product achieves salon-grade colour with incredible conditioning and shine. Because the colours are also made with Argan oil, Aloe Vera and Ginseng extracts, they can support hair health and growth.

Anthony Nader himself is walking around with a sense of anticipation animating his steps, like an artist itching to get his hands on a brush and canvas. “What I love about the product is that it’s been made for time-poor women. For ladies who don’t have time to come to the salon, this is the perfect fix for colouring your hair and getting rid of those greys. Women today are so busy with kids, with work, with life… this is the perfect solution for that,” says Anthony.

As the ladies in the salon sit in front of the large mirrors that line the walls, they peek into the package next to them. Included as part of your free hair colouring subscription trial, there are giggles as everyone pulls out their “Salon in a Bag”. The bag contains a tint bowl and brush, as well as four clips, but the unexpected practicality of the colour proof cape and bench mat is what has everyone smiling – it really is those little things that make life so much easier.

Kelsey Ferencak, Beauty Editor of OK! and NW Magazine, is delighted as she explains why she’s excited about The Shade.

“I think The Shade is going to be a revolutionary gamechanger for the industry, for both women who colour their hair already and those who don’t. I know plenty of people of a variety of ages: those who sometimes can’t get to the salon, or those going on holidays and just don’t have time, or maybe you’ve got a few greys peeking through but you can’t justify paying to cover it up. This product is perfect for everyone.”

Soon, the hair colourists are showing their clients how to select their perfect hair colour, using The Shade’s online Colour Consultation tool. The one sentiment that rises from the crowd is that it’s seriously cool. Initially, the consultation asks the usual questions like your current hair colour, length, whether it’s already been coloured, and so on. Where the customisation really begins is when you are required to select your vein colour and skin tone. After all, there are 27 colours available, ranging from Lightest Blonde to Black, so it’s important to ensure the best match possible.

A busy hum fills the room as each woman picks her colour, before being whisked away to a spa-like area. However, it’s not long before everyone is back in their seats, ready to see the results. A bubbly blonde called Jade swishes her hair back and forth, as it falls in soft curls across her face. “It feels amazing. Before, my hair was really dull because I hadn’t really looked after it, but it’s really shiny and soft now. The Shade’s taken the brassiness out of my hair and made it a bit brighter, which is exactly what I wanted,” she says. Other ladies across the room make similar exclamations of delight as they run their fingers through their hair.

For Elise Wilson, Beauty & Health Editor at Woman’s Day, the benefit of The Shade is clear as she dashes out the door to another event. “I love the fact that it’s a subscription. For busy women like myself, when you need that hair dye, it’s often the last thing on your mind. But then all of a sudden… you’ve got regrowth, and you need to fix it right there and then! I really love the convenience of it – it’s perfect for a woman on the go.”

Here at The Shade, we love great hair and believe that you should be able to achieve fantastic salon colour results at home without compromising on the products and ingredients you use. Find your perfect shade and order your free trial today for a flawless home colouring experience that respects your hair, scalp, money and time.


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