The 5 Biggest Hair Colour Trends for Spring

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The 5 Biggest Hair Colour Trends for Spring

Spring has sprung and its do-over time for our wardrobe, make-up and hair colour, and we might up the effort on food/exercise too.

The change in light and weather sees us tweaking our make-up and styling at least occasionally away from our winter look , as we update our look for our ‘coming soon’ sun-kissed skin. We are getting ready to bare our upper arms and to embrace the latest hair colour trends.

We’ve trawled through Insta, cyber-stalked the red carpets and the chicest European hair ateliers and we’re bringing you the updates of the  most flattering, eye-catching and manageable hair colour trends happening for your Spring hair inspo.

First, the good news for home colouristas and low-faff ladies. The research shows that we are moving away from more complex salon colour techniques such as balyage or ombre trends which has been popular for a few years now in favour of a single hair colour results, which just happens to be oh so convenient and bang on trend.

Most requested new hair colour – Chestnut

The most requested hair colour trend on Pinterest in 1028, with a whopping 206% increase in saves is…gorgeous Chestnut. Chestnut hues are based on rich medium brown shade with warm golden reflections which add depth and summer lightness to a brunette base. This versatile shade suits all skin tones, adding a healthy glow to warmer complexions.

Warm brunettes are also having a moment in deeper, richer tones. Avoid a dull, flat look and step up your colouring game with glowing bronzed or rich chocolate brown brunette tones to add dimension and warmth to darker shades.

Nude Hair

Nude hair is beautiful and exciting right now.  It helps to know what it is before attempting it. Nude hair embraces natural looking medium to lighter blonde colours with a neutral base, for a go-to ultra chic update which is blessedly easy to achieve and maintain. Colour matching or staying within an level or two of your original colour  preserves your hairs condition, and the balance of cool and warm colour pigments will boost, define and add volume to your locks. Pair it with your easy, breezy nude make-up and you have this fresh, minimal, I-woke-up-like-this gorgeous look down.

Au Naturel

Similar to the Nude hair concept, we are loving our real selves and real roots in the Au naturel hair colour trend. Au Naturel hair lets stay us on top of our colouring game, while letting our roots grow out just that little bit between colouring. We love this flexible, versatile approach to beauty which focuses more on subtle enhancements and styling updates, and which is easy to achieve and maintain. The Au Naturel look works by colouring your hair to match your original hair colour, or staying within 2 levels of your natural colour. The added colour adds depth, reflect, interest  and thickness to your hair  while embracing your original hair colour. You can then be a little nonchalant about your recolouring schedule (unless you are looking to stay on top of unwanted greys).

Blonde looks we are seeing are some dramatic and high maintenance platinum looks which are probably best left to the A-listers. Thankfully we can happily live with the very achievable and lovable Nude hair trends which are an uodated, totally doable nude blonde look we love.

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