Spotted your First Greys?

Spotted an unwanted glint of grey hair in amongst your roots?

The average age women get their first greys is 35, although many people get greys much earlier.

Remember that there are billion dollar industries dedicated to making women feel a bit less than as we get older, and yet you unapologetically know yourself better and you wouldn’t be a teenager again for quids.

Back to the hair.

Here’s Our Pro Tips to Adapt Your Colouring for Grey Coverage:

  • Step away from the tweezers. Grey hair tend to grow thicker and coarser with the loss of pigmentation, but if you pull them out they can grow back thicker.
  • The different texture in grey hair absorbs more permanent colour pigments than your naturally pigmented hair. As your percentage of greys increases, consider choosing one colour level lower (lighter) than your usual colour, to achieve a balanced, softer, naturally beautiful colour result.
  • Bear in mind that the warm tones can look lighter and brighter over greys than over hair with natural colour pigments. A colour blend with a warm and a neutral colour can be the best approach to give you a balanced, consistent colour result over greys – talk to our colourists who can recommend a colour blend that will meet your colour goal.
  • You may find you need to shorten your colouring intervals, particularly if you have darker hair which is unforgiving on the sneaky greys. You may need ‘less colour, more often’ – Use half a colour tube with half a developer sachet for a root touch-up application only, helping you stay on top of any fast-growing greys.
  • If you are colouring more frequently it is best to look for permanent salon grade colour products without some unnecessary chemicals such as ammonia, PPD, parabens and phthalates.
  • Home delivered colour is also the ultimate convenience, and frees up your valuable mental real estate to think about other things
  • Its worth using salon accessories at home to avoid over-lapping and darker colour build-up as a result of precise colour placement.

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C. Connors

Really loved the colour. My hair looks and feels healthier and the colour richer. Loved the shampoo and conditioner too.

N. Fiorelli

I struggled with hair dye sensitivity for years. After trying literally every product on the market both in-salon and at home – I discovered The Shade. No more itchy scalp. Perfect grey coverage and shiny, healthy, vibrant hair. I couldn’t be happier

L. Browne

Very satisfied customer. Have used this product 3 times with great results. Hair and scalp look and feel healthy. Very happy with company, their consultancy support, their on time dispatching and subsequent delivery of product. Thank you.

I. Attwood

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