Spotted your first greys? We’re here to help you through this milestone moment

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  • grey hair

Spotted your first greys? We’re here to help you through this milestone moment

Spotted an unwanted glint of grey hair in amongst your roots? Ok, breathe. The good news is you’re alive. Remember, the alternative is worse.

You are allowed to a brief, mini-existential crisis – it goes with the territory and now is as good a time as any to over-dramatically reflect on your life. We’ve all been there.

Bear in mind that the average age women get their first greys is 35, many people get greys earlier, and whilst we (not me, someone else) can split the atom, we can’t fiddle with our DNA to conquer this one just yet.

Also remember that there are billion dollar industries dedicated to making women feel a bit less than as we get older, and yet you unapologetically know yourself better and it’s real and amazing and you wouldn’t be a teenager again for quids.

Ok, back to the hair. Chances are you have coloured your hair for years, so you just need to adjust your colouring a touch – all totally doable.

We can admit that Brunettes don’t quite have as much fun as blondes with the unwanted greys, which can blend nicely into blonde colours, particularly ash toned blondes.

Here’s some pro tips to adapt your colouring to conquer the greys:

  • Step away from the tweezers.
  • Grey hair tend to grow thicker and coarser with the loss of pigmentation, and if you pull them out they can grow back thicker. No tweezering.
  • The different texture in grey (it’s actually white) hair absorbs more permanent colour pigments than your naturally pigmented hair. As your percentage of greys increases you are better off choosing one colour level lower (lighter) than your usual colour, to achieve a balanced, softer, naturally beautiful colour result.
  • You may find you need to shorten your colouring intervals, particularly if you have darker hair which is very unforgiving on the sneaky greys. Consider your products and schedule to accommodate more regular colouring at home. Very few women have the time or money for 3 hour salon appointments every 4 weeks. The biggest change in home colouring stats is an uptake in professional women aged 35+ colouring at home. These are women just like you who can’t make the time or expense work for them, so they have turned to home colouring to stay on top of the greys and keep their colour fresh and fabulous.
  • If you are colouring more frequently it is best to look for permanent salon grade colour products without some unnecessary harsh chemicals such as ammonia, PPD, parabens and phthalates, some of which can cause allergic reactions after repeated exposure.
  • Home delivered colour is also the ultimate convenience, and frees up your valuable mental real estate to think about other things
  • Its worth using salon accessories at home to help with precise colour application, to avoid over-lapping and darker colour build-up.

Last point – consider not conquering your greys, maybe not right now, but soon, Sit with it. Wrap your head around it. Let’s look to the very clever, super chic British Vogue editor Sarah Harris for inspiration, who fully embraced her grey hair and who is not wrong about this.


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