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Single Tube Super Blends

Want a colour which injects energy, confidence and multi-dimensional tones?

Your hero colour might just be a single tube super blend.

And what might that be?

One tube of colour, delivering a whole lot of colour magic.

Single tube super blend colours deposit a blend of multiple colour pigments with harmonious, multi-dimensional colour combinations which will enhance and elevate your hair colour.

How do they do that?

Each super blend colour tube has a blend of different colours, with strong secondary and primary reflects within the base colour. These mulit-dimensional colour combinations have the effect of both reflecting light, making your hair look glossier, and also absorbing light, creating shadows which contour your hair colour, making your hair look thicker, shinier and fuller.

Such as?

Trieste – Light Golden Copper Brown 6.34   

Portofino – Copper Golden Brown 5.43    

Verona Chocolate Brown 5.53    

Lucca – Chocolate Blonde 7.53    

San Remo – Light Ash Golden Blonde 8.13

The result?

Thicker, fuller, shinier hair with a balanced blend of primary and secondary colour tones which shine bright in natural light.

Pro tip: See our break-down of the base colour, primary and secondary reflects for each colour on their product page.

I’ve tried a lot of “box” colours and they’re always dull. The Shade colour is amazing with a lovely shine and the best part is there is no strong chemical smell. My hair is healthy and I’ll definitely be using this product again. I chose Lucca Chocolate Blonde and I love the subtle red highlights through the dark blonde. The kit is complete with everything! Highly recommend.

B. Owen

Very happy with the shade. The inclusions for the start up kit were amazing and my colour is lovely. I got many compliments for my chocolate blonde colour (7.53). Very happy.

R. Matheson

I thought I’d try The Shade and I love, love, LOVE it! There’s no harsh smell, no fumes, the product isn’t messy and doesn’t drip. I chose 6.53 Paola and it is a beautiful shade that injected some life, warmth and richness into my hair, giving it a beautiful chocolate brown hue without making my hair too dark.

K. Wood

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