Single Tube Super Blends

There are a few approaches to colouring – Some colours have a solid colour effect.

Some colours are neutral colour (think Nude hair) and their colour results are generally easy to achieve, either in a salon or at home, and their upkeep can be pretty straight forward. Totally doable.

And then there’s the single tube super blends.

Some colours just have it all, and their effect on your hair can be transformative.

Want a colour which injects life, thickness, vibrancy? Looking for a colour that makes you feel a little bolder, a little more confident, and just a bit clever?

Your hero colour might just be a single tube super blend.

And what might that be?

One tube of colour, delivering a whole lot of colour magic.

Single tube super blend colours are just as quick as a neutral to apply and process. They deposit a blend of multiple colour pigments with harmonious, beautiful colour combinations which will enhance and elevate your hair colour.

How do they do that?

Each super blend colour tube has a blend of different colours, with strong secondary and primary reflects within the base colour. This colour combinations have the effect of both reflecting light, making your hair look glossier, and also absorbing light, creating shadows which contour your hair colour, making your hair look thicker, shinier and fuller.

Such as?

Trieste – Light Golden Copper Brown 6.34   

Portofino – Copper Golden Brown 5.43    

Verona Chocolate Brown 5.53    

Lucca – Chocolate Blonde 7.53    

San Remo – Light Ash Golden Blonde 8.13

The result?

Thicker, fuller shinier and more expansive looking hair with a balanced blend of primary and secondary colour tones which shine bright in natural light.

Pro tips: See our break-down of the base colour, primary and secondary reflects for each colour on their product page. Check that a colour you are interested in doesn’t have any tones you don’t like to see in your hair – if you don’t like red in your hair, stay away from red reflect.

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