Salon accessories, application and results

We provide you with the colour products and the salon accessories that you need for flawless colour application at home.

Using salon accessories allows for a cleaner, more precise application. 

The long-handled tint brush makes it easier to to apply the colour exactly where you need it which most importantly, gives you better colour results.

Using a brush helps you apply the colour on your roots only, and as a result you avoid layering colour on the lengths of your hair during a root touch-up application. Therefore you can achieve a more consistent colour result, without layering colour on top of colour.

If you regularly apply your colour from the roots to the lengths, sooner or later you will subsequently see darker or duller colour results as a result of colour build-up or colour banding.

Avoid Colour banding

Colour banding is a horizontal striped colour pattern which is a result of darker colour layers. A tint brush helps you apply root touch-up colour applications to your new growth only, and consequently helps you avoid colour banding.

Follow the instructions, wash and seal your colour with your Colour Protection shampoo and conditioner, and enjoy your gorgeous colour!

I could not be happier with THE SHADE colouring system. the products are beautiful and well thought through – and the results are spot on. Salon colours were long, boring, expensive – and irritated my scalp! I will never use anything else- and even recommended them to my hairdresser!

S. Obermoser

Great colour selection and ordering process. Tools provided makes it a salon colour experience at home at an affordable price. Results were exactly as expected, and no ammonia formulation left hair healthy. Particularly loved the shampoo and conditioner, which I will look to purchase too!

A. Yeap

Never had a home colouring experience like this before! Felt like a real pro using the brush. clips and cape, and I like that I am avoiding ammonia and PPD, and my colour!

G. Watkins

Is on instagramThis product is INCREDIBLE. I am in love with the quality of not only the dye itself but also the brush, cape and no spill mat! I definitely recommend THE SHADE to anyone. The convenience is fantastic. The instructions are very easy to follow and there is absolutely NO MESS!!! I will never go to a salon again!

A. Singh

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