Achieving Ongoing, Flawless Grey Coverage

If you love your greys, full power to you and enjoy.

And yet. Some of us are just not ready. My friend who went grey at 18, or my neighbour who was 28 when her greys appeared in her life weren’t in a grey-embracing mood either. I’m a little older, and I’m definitely not in the mood.

The darned thing about unwanted greys is that they keep on growing. One big shot of colour glory every 8 weeks is not going to keep the silver halo at bay.

So, if you’re colouring at least partly to cover greys, your new rule of thumb needs to be – less colour, more often.

Just add colour where you need it. Regrowth only. Don’t run colour through your full lengths and ends. It’s not needed and adding colour to the full length of your hair more frequently will almost guarantee you a case of colour build-up.

Frequency and colour placement are key.

Add colour to your frontline and regrowth of your hair only but increase the frequency of colouring. If your greys are coming through thick and fast, then you may need to colour every 2 weeks (you won’t be alone in this, believe me).

The good news is you can use half a tube of colour with half a sachet of developer, for two roots-only colour applications. Fold the top of the developer sachet over, seal with sticky tape and pop it in a plastic bag until you are ready to recolour.

Apply twice the colour to your visible regrowth, and extend colouring time to 45 minutes to ensure grey coverage.

Pick a time which can work for you on a regular basis eg. Wednesday evening, bank your favourite series on Netflix and get to it. Section and work the colour through your roots. Return to the frontline to double-up the colour, and cue up Netflix. Process for 45 minutes, rinse/wash and onwards, not a glint of silver to be seen.

Repeat – one week of fabulous colour every 2 months isn’t going to hide those greys. If you really want to represent yourself to the world as a grey-hair free person, then you will need to increase your colouring frequency. A little bit of colour, more often, and no one will ever know. Promise.

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Yay! Fun, no awful fumes, neat, professional kit. I can see how this will help me when I am just doing root touch-ups so I don’t overlap colour. Gorgeous look and feel to my hair. So happy with this!

Kathy L

My hair grows so quick that before i know it I have new silver ‘highlights’. Grrr. I use half a tube/dev on my roots only but colour twice as often, so I am staying on top of it, colour blends perfectly, and I dont have to suffer the smell of regular colour at all. So this is really working for me! Lovely colour, softness and pro tools to help me get my salon results at home.

Penelope H.

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