Let’s talk about hair colour, time and money

Aussies are spending $3.5 billion a year on professional hair colouring!

Roy Morgan reports that the biggest growth in home colouring is amongst affluent women 35+ earning over $100K per annum, and that the largest demographic of home colourists is women aged 35-49.

These are women who can afford the salon appointment. However, they are also busy women who are likely to have work, family or caring commitments. It is reasonable to assume that while they can afford the cost of the salon, they can’t afford the time to go to the salon.

Let’s do some basic maths:

In capital cities, salon hair colour appointments can run between $200-600 dollars.

An appointment every 6 weeks at $200 = $1720 per year.

In addition, there’s possible salon bill shock, where the total bill can be higher than expected.

Not to mention the sheer inconvenience of making time for these salon appointments. Appointments which are 2-4 hours long can be very difficult to work into the schedule of anyone with a job or care commitments.

Let’s try a 2.5 hour appointment every 6 weeks = 21.5 hours per year, plus travel time.

That’s where better, healthier home colour products in addition to colourist support can help you achieve gorgeous colour results at home.

At The Shade we provide you with personalised colourist expertise and salon-grade colour with a healthier ingredient profile than conventional colour products to help you achieve better colouring results.

Everything you need in one little eco friendly box. First purchase adds a mixing bowl and comb to assist with mixing and then applying this super safe and very effective colour to ones hair. Deliveries always on time and notifications of delivery are welcomed beforehand as a reminder. Very happy with this product.

I. Attwood

The whole experience was great. As a first time buyer, they provided me with everything I needed . It was so professional and I was extremely impressed with the amount of thought put into the whole package, not to mention the colour itself was a perfect match for my hair and hasn’t faded.

M. Wardy

I just wanted to message you and let you know how much I loved using your hair dye for the first time …. I have received so many compliments and it looks better than the $300 salon job… not to mention all the free time at home I’m going to have now I won’t have to spend hours in the salon… ! I used the Copper Golden Blonde shade and it came out amazing !!

C. Twilley

Amazing product, so convenient & easy to use. Not to mention the money & time I am saving.

V. Schulze

This is the first time that I have bought this product and I am loving it. I love that I don’t need to leave my home and spend tons of money at a salon.

A. Cooper

Beautiful colour, saves me thinking, shopping, going to the salon and best of all lots of time, Appreciate the high quality product and colourist support service too!

S. Ford

It’s been almost a year since I last had my hair coloured. Between a young family and work, I don’t have the time or patience to spend several hours in a salon over the weekend which means regrowth and the dreaded greys were getting out of hand. I was contemplating supermarket dyes when i stumbled across The Shade online. I was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived, the all-in-one kit had everything i needed and was so easy to apply between loads of washing #mumlife. 3 weeks later I’m still so happy with my colour, it’s vibrant, shiny and I’ve received so many compliments! With the amazing results and convenience of having it delivered to my door, I see no reason to return to a salon for my colour. Thanks so much!

V. Langley

I have been spending $290 AUD plus on colouring at salons, and given my greys are getting more pronounced, was doing every month! I thought I’d try the Shade for the months where I couldn’t get into the salon, but now use the Shade exclusively! It lasts as long, the colour and shine are great, and have received more compliments on my the Shade colours than any other time. Bargain for the quality!

K Jackson

Tried Shade for the first time last week. I love the results! The colour, medium blonde, was perfect for me. The whole process was so easy. Everything you need provided. I love that it is all natural with no nasty chemicals. Application is so easy too. My hair feels so soft and looks so healthy. My greys are gone and my colour gorgeous. Thrilled that it’s delivered to my door. Definitely my go to colour product into the future. Thanks to The Shade.

M. Patten

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