Let’s talk about hair colour, time and money

Let’s take a look in the mirror and a moment to think about what we spend, in terms of time and money on our hair colour.

Aussies are spending $3.5 billion (with a B) a year on professional hair colouring, and no prizes for guessing the majority is spent by women. That’s a big number.

That comes straight from the pocket of your sister, cousin, friends, aunty, neighbours, mum and probably your good self too.

In capital cities, hair colour appointments can run between $200-400 dollars at a mid-range to fancy salon, while prices are (thankfully) a little lower in regional areas.

Let’s do some basic maths: Colour appointment every 6 weeks at $200 = $1720 per year.

That’s on top of all the additional costs that women spend that (almost all) men do not spend money on: eyelashes, eyebrows, make-up, nails, etc. It’s a lot.

Then there’s possible salon bill shock, when you are charged more than expected or for services you did not request, which happens and can be costly.

But, my friends, it’s the time. The time. Appointments which are 2-4 hours long (not kidding, my last appointment was 3.5 hours long and…no).

Let’s try a 2.5 hour appointment every 6 weeks = 21.5 hours per year, plus commuting time.

Who in the wide world has that amount of free time and money every few weeks?

It’s probably easier to say who doesn’t have the time for that.

Roy Morgan reports that the biggest growth in home colouring is amongst affluent women 35+ earning over $100K per annum. The largest demographic of at home colourists is women aged 35-49. These are women who can afford the salon appointment. They are also busy working women who may have family or caring commitments. It’s reasonable to assume that while they could afford the financial costs of the salon, they find it inconvenient and can’t afford the time to go to the salon.

That’s where better, gentler home colour products, systems and support can help you achieve the best of both worlds.

Choose salon grade products, preferably in a low chemical formula, use salon tools of the trade to deck out your home salon to save time, money, avoid home colouring challenges and to achieve the hair colour results you want at home.

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