How to Stop Colouring and Embrace the Grey

Are you sick of the grey hair battle and thinking about going grey?

If Sarah Harris, deputy editor of British Vogue can do it, while shaping beauty and fashion trends with her uncanny insight into truly cool and chic things, then then it Can. Officially. Be. Done.

Let Sarah Harris be our guiding light, our voice of reason, and our natural grey hair inspiration.

When we cover grey (white) hair we are emotional hostages to them, and we risk mortification when those whites return with a visible angelic halo.

Embracing your natural greys is as much about a state of mind than anything else.

What to do?

There are crossroads in life and this is one of them.

Do you embrace the true you – your older self, with older hair, and boldly, confidently reject societies silly ideas about what makes you valuable and go with the grey? If so, full power. I love Sarah’s look and admire the bold nonconformity of going naturally grey, particularly at a younger age.

The difficulty lies in transitioning from your coloured hair to natural hair, white’s and all. If you have been colouring your hair you will need to remove the colour in your hair first to set the stage for your natural colour.

The Transition is the tricky part.

Let’s not faff around with colour stripping and correcting at home. You can achieve salon worthy colour results at home when you’re adding colour, but if you want to stop colouring, the best place to start is in the salon.

Clear your schedule, this could take a while (up to 8 hours!). Go straight to a colourist you trust and book a long appointment (possibly your longest salon appointment ever) for what might be your last ever colour appointment.

Explain that you want to transition away from colour to your natural silvers when you book your appointment. This involves colour stripping, to remove any permanent colour in your coloured hair, colour correcting with a toner to balance the tone between your natural, greyer growth and your colour stripped hair.

Take a laptop, book, headphones and catch up on podcasts/work/reading – that is way too much time for salon banter.

The ROI will be a softer, lighter, low maintenance version of your natural colour, which naturally blends your greys into a more textured, nuanced version of your natural colour which lets your effortlessly grow in your greys.

If you are ready to embrace your greys, we wish you well!

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