How to Colour Hair Which Already Has Colour In It

Colouring hair which has been coloured previously adds a few more factors which can affect your colour result.

Maintaining Color

First rule of at-home color maintenance? Regrowth only! If you want to maintain your colour, make sure that you only add colour to your roots when you colour regrowth. Use the clips, instructions and tint brush to section your hair and to apply colour only to your new regrowth. Overlapping onto previously colored hair can leave you with a darker, duller colour from repeated colouring. Boost your colour in the lengths of your hair by adding or massaging colour through your lengths for a maximum of ten minutes before rinsing. Add a little bit of water to emulsify the colour and to easily work the colour through your hair before washing your colour out.

Going Darker

If you’re feeling ready for a darker colour, we suggest taking is slow and steady and to add depth in stages. We recommend darkening your hair one shade lighter than your goal color and if needed you can easily add more depth. Remember: dying hair darker is much easier on your hair health than going lighter.

Going Lighter

Going lighter is a trickier transition than going darker. Achieving a lighter colour outcome is not always as simple as just choosing a new lighter colour. We use a 20 vol developer which can lighten uncoloured hair up to two colour levels, but colour cannot lighten previous, darker colour in the hair.

An easy, effective way to lift out darker permanent colour pigments or to lighten your hair’s base colour level is to do a quick bleach wash. We have all the items you need to lift and lighten at home in our Bleach Wash Kits, including bleach powder, developer, Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner and gloves. A bleach wash combines bleach, developer with shampoo which you massage through your hair, leave in for 10-15 minutes, to achieve a lighter base colour. It is best to rest your hair for 48 hours and you can then recolour and achieve a lighter colour outcome.

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I’m so incredibly happy I gave this a try! I dyed my hair from bright red to blonde over the course of a week and ordered the golden bonde colour to help blend in the last of the orange hues left behind. I cannot be happier with the results. As I have very long, thick hair I ordered the extra pack and it was perfect 🙂 Left my hair feeling great afterwards as well!

S. Minaar

I used the light blonde shade 9 which blended perfectly to colour my roots. The conditioner smelt fantastic. Happy with the results 🙂

J. Healy

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