Highlights & Colouring

Highlights or colour applications give you different colour and tonal levels thoughout your hair.

Our colour is salon-grade and can be used;

  • as a base colour level under highlights
  • to cover highlights
  • or for highlight applications

Highlights add multi-coloured dimension to your hair, although they can also require regular salon visits to maintain.

Applying highlights can be tricky, and as a result we recommend that you should only apply highlights at home if you are experienced with the process.

Many of our clients use our colour to maintain their base colour and add highlights at the salon. This allows them to stay on top of regrowth at home, leaving the application of highlights to the professionals. This also means a lot less time and money spent in the salon.

You can lighten and blend your roots at home.

Our colourists can suggest a colour and application process which will work for you. It may be best to apply the colour only to your roots initially, then add the colour to your lengths for ten minutes to boost the colour and tone.

Adding colour with a cool tone to your lengths for ten minutes tones your lengths, boosting and refreshing your highlights.

Talk to our colourists today and we can find the perfect colour to use to refresh your roots and regrowth.

Thanks to The Shade Colourist service I am now sporting a beautiful natural looking head of hair. Camilla suggested a duo of Lucca Chocolate Blonde and Torino Golden Blonde. The duo was easy to prepare and apply and the shampoo and conditioner lovely to use. My greys are gone and the three month old bleached out highlights are now blending in with my base colour while still maintaining a lighter tone. Overall I am very happy with the results and would recommend The Shade to any nervous first timers!

K. Hoch

I could not hope for a better outcome. I was worried about the colour being in a block but it worked beautifully with highlights throughout.

K. Frank

Well I finally worked up the courage to use my colour from The Shade and it’s worked out really well!  I ended up with a colour to blend with the colours I already have. I followed the tips for applying colour to the roots so I didn’t lose my blonde highlights and it blended perfectly. The kit itself was excellent! Amazing value for money.  

P. Gonzalez

I am officially in love with this product! Simple and so easy to use, it doesn’t smell at all, goes on easily and did not make my head burn or itch. The package is so generous with all the bits you can reuse. And the end result? AMAZING!! The colour is absolutely spot on, exactly what I wanted. It has depth and highlights instead of one flat colour. The shampoo and conditioner is fabulous also, left my hair manageable without being too soft and my hair was significantly less frizzy than it normally is after a supermarket box colour. Will definitely be using this product again!

M. Grandes

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