Highlights or colour applications give you different colour and tonal levels thoughout your hair.

Our colour is salon-grade and can be used as either a base colour level under highlights, or for highlight applications.

Highlights add multi-coloured dimension to your hair, which can be subtle and beautiful. They can also be high-maintenance, requiring regular salon visits to maintain.

If the application and colour selection isn’t professional, they can look stripey. We generally recommend that you should only apply highlights at home if you are experienced and confident with the process, as the application is critical and can be tricky.

Many of our clients use our colour to maintain their base colour and add highlights periodically at the salon. This allows them to stay on top of greys on their schedule at home, while adding leaving the application of highlights or babylights to the professionals in the salon. This also means a lot less time and money spent in the salon. Talk to our colourists today and we can find the perfect colour for you to use to refresh your roots and regrowth.

If you have highlights or balayage and you can extend the time between salon appointments and lighten and blend your roots with your highlights or balayage. It is best to colour-match the base colour on your lengths. Let our colourists know your colour details (level and tone or your colour numbers, if you have those details), and we can suggest a colour which will work well for you. Follow the root touch-up application, which keeps the colour just on your roots for most of the processing time. Our colourists will advise whether you should add the colour to your lengths for ten minutes to boost the colour and tone, or whether you should skip this step.

If you are looking to lighten regrowth to blend your regrowth with your highlights, then the best colour choices to manage unwanted warmth when lightening your colour are colours with cool secondary tones, as they will counter-act and neutralise unwanted warmth and give you a tonally balanced finish.

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