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Colour of the Year: Healthy Brunettes

Everywhere I look I’m seeing glossy, gorgeous brunettes.

Accompanied by an expensive-looking healthy finish, tones range from rich, deep and warm pumpkin spice and gingerbread hues to cool sable tones.

From the hottest models (Kendall, Kaia, Bella, Gigi, Hailey) and stars (Billie Eillish), shades with more depth are highly requested right now, as we see a resurgence of a more natural aesthetic.

Richer, deep brunette tones are the easiest colour to maintain. Damaged hair can immediately look healthier with a brunette colour change. Brunettes can typically manage their tone without any additional products.

Just as beautiful, healthy skin can help you look your best, soft, bouncy, healthy hair is much easier to achieve without subjecting the hair to repeated lightening processes.

Adding just one or two levels of depth can transform your look. Blondes can add a little more depth with a dark blonde colour level. Blend a level 7 dark blonde with a level 6 light brown for a custom Duo colour which sits right in-between blonde and brunette.

Cool Matte Brunettes

A beautiful chic matte tone on soft, healthy hair is a coveted new colour (much to the relief of natural brunettes). A cool brunette colour can be achievable and easy to maintain for many. The key is getting the tone and condition just right.

The matte brunette tones which are prominent now have a cool secondary tones, which mutes unwanted warmth, leaving a sleek finish.

If your hair throws a bit of warmth, and your goal is a balanced tone, then cool tones are a must, and they will give you a warm-free finish. The cool secondary tones in Ash brunette colours such as Trento, Montecristo and Toscano will tone while colouring, muting warmth. A root touch-up application with colour added to your lengths for the final ten minutes will re-tone suppress any natural warmth which might be visible weeks after colouring.

Cool tones also work well over greys, making cool brunettes one of the most requested and loved colours.

Rich Warm Tones

If you like to see some warmer tones in your hair, look to spicier warm secondary tones in colours such as pumpkin spice Portofino, Verona with its rich chocolate tones or Lucca, with its rich, multi-tonal finish. .

Gorgeous Colour + Great Condition

Condition is critical and under-rated in colouring. Brunettes look their best on soft, strong, shiny hair. Brunettes can have a condition advantage, as the cost and damage involved in lightening is significant, and best avoided.

The best, most efficient conditioning treatments combine a conditioning or oil treatment with some heat, which gently lifts the outer cuticle layer of the hair to allow the product to enter to intensively nourish the hair from within.

Our favourite treatment are Tsubaki thermal treaments – this lightweight oil is loaded with nutrients which are readily absorbed to leave your hair stronger, softer, creating the perfect base for luxe, gorgeous colour results.

Healthy, high-end, gorgeous brunette colours can be achieved without the expensive price-tag. Add a level or two of depth, avoid self-inflicted damage and treat your hair with lightweight oil treatments, and deluxe, expensive brunette locks can be yours (without the salon bill shock).

Loved my first box from The Shade…The colour Dark Ash Brown was perfect. Easy to use, no horrible smell, my hair felt great afterwards. And it came with all the accessories I could possibly need. Looking forward to my regrowth to do it all again

M. Georgiou

I used “The Shade” colour darkest brown. It was exactly the shade I wanted. I only use cold colours in my hair as it throws a lot of reds. Very happy with coverage. I have above shoulder length and had left over product. The conditioner left my hair so silky and shiny. I will always recommend this product.

K. Bennett

Beautiful colour . The best brown shade I have used. Hair feels fantastic . So happy I found you .

A. Moore

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