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Alluring Ash Browns

When it comes to the most requested colours, ashy brunettes are always at the top of the list.

From softer muted tones to deep sleek shades, ash browns are highly requested, and for very good reasons. They are beautiful, sleek and hard-working, muting unwanted warmth and leaving a shiny, sophisticated, always-chic finish.

What are Ash Brown colours?

Ash secondary tones contain smokey grey undertones with a blend of violet, blue and green tones. These tones are on the opposite side of the colour wheel to warm gold or copper secondary tones. Cool Ash tones will counter-act and mute warmth while reflecting light, adding brightness to even the darkest brunettes.

Ash secondary tones colours are always numbered with a ‘.1’ after the primary number under the ICC colouring system. The primary number describes the colour level (with 10 being lightest blonde, descending to darkest black at level 1). Numbers to the right of the decimal indicate the secondary tones.

Neutral tones have a balance of cool and warm secondary pigments. Warm secondary colours include prominent gold or copper tones. Pure Ash tones are free from any warm tones.

Smokey Ash Magic

There is magic in ash tones. Ash colours will tone your hair while colouring, reducing warmth while balancing the tone, leaving a cool, lived-in, shiny finish.

Cool Ash tones are much loved because they boost colour without adding any red undertones, reducing unwanted warmth while leaving a silky, shiny finish.

Ash Tones & Lightening

Cool tones are almost always needed if you lighten your colour, because lightening always reveals natural warmth, due to the natural contributing pigment. You almost certainly will need cool tones in your new, lighter colour to avoid visible warmth.

Warmth + Cool tones = Balanced Tonal Outcome

We recommend colouring with a cool colour such as an Ash based colour after a lightening process such as a bleach wash. Warmth is revealed when pigments are lifted out of the hair during lightening. Colouring with a cool Ash colour will counter-balance warmth, correcting the tone and leaving a tonally balanced colour result.

Ash tones can be used for colour corrections. If you have unwanted reddish, brassy, yellow or gold in your colour, adding cool tones with an Ash colour will balance and mute warmth. This approach can be useful to correct hot roots or warmth visible after colouring with a neutral or warm based colour.

Ash tones are highly requested by colour connossieurs obsessed with keeping their hair cool.

What skin tone suits ash brown hair? 

Ash tones are not only for cool complexions. Warm colours can look best on cool complexions (copper tones with pale, cool colourings) and vice versa. Contrasting your hair tone to your skin tone can energise and flatter your complexion. Matching skin and hair tones can sometimes look a little washed out, whereas contrasting tones can complement and flatter. Ask a colourist to help you choose a colour that will work best for you.  

Any downsides?

Ash colours are effortlessly elegant, but consider that:

  • Cool tones can fade faster if you use heated styling tools, so consider laying off the heat-styling and embracing your natural texture to prevent further damage.
  • If you are colouring to cover highlights or balayage, an Ash based colour might not be the best option. Highlights and balayage usually have cool tones. Adding cool tones on top of pre-existing cool tones can lead to unwanted greenish tones. Our colourists can provide you with personalised colour advice to help you achieve your colour goals.

I spent ALOT on salon visits and wanted a more natural look…enter The Shade…could not be happier with my result! I used Duo option Bellaria 7.1 Dark Ash Blonde with Montecristo 6.1 Light Ash Brown.

Jaimie B.

These are the only products I use when dying my hair! I have beached my hair for years and these colours are by best the far I have ever used. My mum is a hairdresser which helps but the shade of Ash I get is far better then any from the chemist or shop I have gone to.

Bailey M.

I will save thousands of dollars. I got 6.1 light ash brown and so many compliments ….freedom from hours of my time sitting in hair salons and no hair breakage . What a brilliant idea THE SHADE !! As women we already pay more just for a hair cut but THE SHADE has made it all possible : bargain and shiny smooth frizz-free hair plus natural brass-free hair colour. I cannot thank you enough.

Francesca C.

Loved my first box from TheShade…The colour Dark Ash Brown was perfect. Easy to use, no horrible smell, my hair felt great afterwards. And it came with all the accessories I could possibly need. Looking forward to my regrowth to do it all again 😆

Michelle G.

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