Colour Your Hair at Home: 5 Tips from the Professionals

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  • Colour your hair at home

Colour Your Hair at Home: 5 Tips from the Professionals

We all know someone who wouldn’t dare colour their own hair at home —or maybe you’re one of those people yourself—certain that you’ll mess it up. Well fear no more, because straight from professional colourists, we have the 5 tips you need to know if you think you can’t colour your hair at home. Hint: YOU CAN.

The first step is finding the right shade for your hair. If you’re hesitant to do this on your own, use resources that have professional advice and guidance. Professional colourists will help you understand what can be achieved and how to successfully switch to at home colouring. Check out our online Color Consultation, which considers your hair goals and natural colourings and recommends a colour which will flatter your hair and complexion. The right shade for you will make you look fresh and compliment your natural colour undertones, while the wrong colour selection could make you look washed out and tired, as the colours will be working against you.

Application videos will break down the home colouring process into simple steps, and you can watch them as you’re going through the application process. Read all the instructions before you start to colour your hair at home. It’s always a good idea to do a sensitivity test, as some sensitivities develop over time, so even if you have not had a reaction to hair colour before you may develop a sensitivity over time, particularly if you use a product with PPD (The Shade’s colour’s are all PPD free). Consider what you are looking to achieve – new colour from end to end, or a root touch-up. Sometimes there may have a couple different options when applying, and it’s best to know what route to take before you dive in.

If your hair is already coloured, pulling colour through your ends each time can result in colour build-up, or colour banding, which is an unwanted horizontal striping effect with the hair appearing darker towards the ends, which can be seen when the hair has been coloured multiple times at the ends, and only once at the roots. It’s better to pull through the colour the last 10 minutes of processing when switching to a new colour line for the first time, or every 3-4 times you colour to refresh the tone. You only really want to pull through for the full processing time when you’re switching to a darker shade overall.

Most professionals use a mixing bowl and brush to apply hair color, and there’s a reason for that—they help with saturation, accuracy of placement, and creating clean easy partings. So step up your home colouring and use a bowl and brush, if you’re nervous about application. Even better, watch this video on how to use a bowl and brush when you colour your hair at home for easier application and better colour results.

Maybe a head full of hair seems daunting. Try clipping it into sections, and work one section at a time. Sectioning makes for easier (and quicker) application.

And there you have it—5 tips to help you colour your hair (even if you’re sure you can’t) at home. Now all you have to do is share your gorgeous colour with us on Instagram with #TheShadehair.


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